Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Dunsmuir, California...

...does not look like this today! Au contraire. It was, in fact, 88F at the highest.... cooler than the 100F that was predicted and quite a bit milder than yesterday's 108! But I'm having trouble uploading my own photos to this little laptop, and this was the best image I could find online. It captures the feeling of the town really well. It also makes me want to come back in January.

We discovered Dunsmuir (near Mt. Shasta) quite by accident a few years ago, just passing through looking for coffee. It made an impression on us so we've returned for a longer visit and some exploration. We are headquartered at the Cave Springs Resort, in one of their tiny cabins that are advertised as having "all the amenities of 1930...plus wifi." Our cabin overlooks the Sacramento River and the train tracks on the other side. Downtown Dunsmuir is a 4-minute drive away.

Tomorrow we head west to Arcata, then take a couple of days to drive up the coast home. It's been a great trip.

So, no puppet news for a few days.

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