Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shadow puppet experiments in the studio

Last Saturday evening at the Art Walk...

Top: Two anatomical sketches in paper, handwriting on transparencies and a piece of orange cellophane that was curling up like crazy in the heat of the desk lamp.  The figure on left is made of dark blue paper, the one on the right is white paper. Center: White paper guy striking a pose and trying to pick a peacock feather. Bottom: The improvised setup in the studio.

This is my current studio in Bldg. C. I'm liking the long, narrow shape, all the wall space and the privacy. Sharing a studio had its wonderful aspects, but a messy person like me needs to be able to close the door on it all sometimes. Those of you who have visited my studios over the years will know what I mean.

The ground level of Bldg. C has been finished into a lot of new studios, and a gallery. It's scheduled to open next month in time for the second Saturday Ballard Art Walk. Come check it out. Then come upstairs and see me in #18.

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