Saturday, March 8, 2014

A New Challenge

There is a Puppet Challenge happening at this lovely place, and I have signed up. So, I am back to an old love,  dolls that do stuff! Figures that have life and personality...good company.

Years ago I saw The Oregon Shadow Theater production of Anansi the Spider, at the Northwest Puppet Center, and was amazed, impressed and inspired. So I have challenged myself to make a shadow puppet, a new thing for me although articulated paper characters are not.

The theme of the challenge is mythical and folkloric persona, and my chosen character is Väinämöinen, the venerable old (very old) culture hero from the Finnish epic the Kalevala. Finnish magic is largely a magic of words, charms, singing and such, and the most important thing old Väinämöinen does is to open his mouth and let it all come out...not a whole lot of action for a puppet, really. But I figure the magic words can be puppets as well. Flat paper and the the shadows it casts seemed to fit with that. We'll see. I have some first experiments which I'll scan and post this weekend.  

I should mention that Oregon Shadow Theater is currently presenting a new production of Sinbad at the Northwest Puppet Center; If you are in the Seattle area you really ought to go!
Lastly, I am retiring all the old content on this blog, it was almost as old as Väinämöinen. 

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